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As I already said, I'm not a good blogger... but I maybe find out why. I would like to write all those articles and how awesome it WAS. But by saying WAS means It's not gonna be anymore. I have to go back to my life and it feels weird. I have to get back to school like nothing happened.  And so I guess that's why I'm saving these moments for later, to sit, see the photos, remember all the jokes once again and make the article later. I need to, I want to save all these moments and blog is one of the best options. 
Tomorrow, I'm leaving. On a jet plane. Don't know when I'll be back again. Probably never. But you never know... year ago I would never imagine that I'll spent three months in UAE. Come on I'm one of the poorest student's I know how could I possibly afford that?! But I managed mainly thanks to my parents... And I had such a good time. We had some problems and mainly with IAESTE but we managed to help ourselves and by that we overcomed …
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Burj Khalifa & Dubai aquarium video!

Finally I managed to get all my stuff together, sit for three hours and just finish another video. It's 1 a.m. I'm really tired but again happy that I made it. These are my last days, I have so much to write about but I'm just enjoying the last moments of "summer" here. Winter is coming.

Video z Burdž Chalífy & Dubai Aquaria!
Konečně jsem dodělala všechny svoje resty, sedla si na tři hodiny a dokopala další video. Je jedna ráno, já jsem utahaná jak kotě ale zas mám velkou radost, že jsem to dokončila. Tohle jsou moje poslední dny, mám toho tolik co napsat ale jen si užívám poslední momenty zdejšího "léta". Zima přichází.

Dubai aquarium

After visiting Burj Khalifa, me and Buse went to Dubai Mall to see Dubai aquarium.  But before I start talking about that – few words about Dubai Mall. It’s the second largest mall in the world by total land area and it cointains aroun 1200 shops, including souq, ice ring, VR park, rainforest cafe and as mention above – aquarium. It’s really big… and more than that… we got lost 2 times! :-D But it’s awesome and I’d love to spend more time there even though it’s a mall and I hate malls. Now about the aquarium. It was aweeeeeeesome!!! For 120 Dhs you get the ticket to aquarium tunnel (tunnel in huge tank filled with sharks and rays and more species of fishes) and underwater zoo. First we went to the tunnel which was awesome but not as big as we expected and we were scared that we spend that amount of money for almost nothing :-D. After that we went to Underwater zoo on second floor. And that was just huge!! I don’t understand how, every time we though these doors leads to the exit anothe…

Museum of Islamic civilisation

Museum of Islamic civilisation is one of the most known and most recomended in Sharjah.  Filled with expectations we entered and payed the 10 Dhs entrance fee. Well… one out of eight pavilons was filled with facts about Islam and that was really informative. I’ve learned a lot about the origins. Second and third pavilons were closed. That was a bit sad because it was supposed to be a pavilon about Science and Islam and that could be interesting. So we came to last four pavilons. It was basicaly the same as every museum. Old cups, old clothing, old glases… Not that exciting. So I had big hopes, but for nothing. At least the upmost floor had this amazing ceiling. 2 points.
Muzeum Islámské civilizace
Muzeum Islámské civilizace je jedno z nejznámějších a nejdoporučovanějších v Sarjah. Naplněni očekáváním jsme vstoupili a zaplatili vstupné 10 dirhamů. No… jeden z osmy pavilonků byl naplněn fakty o Islámu a byl opravdu poučný. Dozvěděla jsem se spoustu o jeho původu. Druhý a třetí p…

50 beers and Burj Khalifa

I finally manage to get to see Burj Khalifa. And it was monumental. I think so far my favourite place in Dubai.  I know it’s just a building – of course but there is no building higher! This gigantic colossus have 828 meters. There is Armani hotel, luxury apartments, swimming pool on 78th floor and finally viewing deck on 124th floor with access to the 125th floor. There is so much to say about the building itself, because till the end nobody knew the exact heigh. The shape of the building is supposed to look like a flower from the top. The air condition and plumbing systems themselfs are just remarkable and don’t let me start with window cleaning. It tooks 4 months to clean whole building!!! But let’s get to our visit. It was me, Cvija, Nici and Mert. We entered Burj Khalifa through Dubai Mall. We had to go through security check and scan of our things (again…) before we got to the line for elevators. It was super scary! The elevators are dark (on purpose) and you can feel the horri…